These have all been very excitingly RE-MASTERED using some techniques I have learnt to apply, though probably rather unskilfully. At any rate, they sound brighter and more interesting now.

I wanted to upload these in Ogg Vorbis format - it's better, and the files are smaller. But not everyone has Winamp, and so in the interests of maximum compatibility I'm settling for the standard mp3. Poop.


Ind longer, more complex to construct, and yet this is all there is to show for it - at least there are some waily women mp3 (8.24Mb)
Dakada film music, apparently, with impetus mp3 (4.97Mb)
Mandolins mad mandolins and nothing else - just thousands of the twangy little fellows mp3 (4.03Mb)
Snuckty something a little atmospheric, probably rather boring, too mp3 (4.84Mb)
Walktz a rather pedestrian waltz mp3 (5.24Mb)
Plunker if this doesn't send you to sleep, nothing will mp3 (9.41Mb)
Grinder music for a thriller, quite exciting, really mp3 (3.16Mb)
Umpty no idea why I called it that, it's decent filler material mp3 (4.32Mb)
Mr Groovy he's got the guitars, he's got the strings, he's got the choirs, he's got the everything mp3 (6.18Mb)
Tempo 10 it's in 10:8 and has three melodies at the same time, sort of mp3 (4.46Mb)
April James Bond feels a little poorly mp3 (4.08Mb)
Bells ding dong wall of sound mp3 (3.54Mb)
Ay slightly annoying mp3 (4.33Mb)
2003 space monsters are eating me mp3 (4.17Mb)
Method impending gloom mp3 (5.20Mb)
Silly because it is mp3 (2.61Mb)
Next completely pointless, goes nowhere mp3 (4.60Mb)

mp3 files are 192Kbps stereo 44.1KHz, ogg files are 128Kbps (variable) 48KHz - or they would be if I had them.


All files © 2003/4 Jonathan Schütz

UNAUTHORISED USE PROHIBITED - in the unlikely event you want to use any of this, get in touch with me.