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O'Malley's Night

'You killed my Desmond,' she continued, leaning on the edge of the window. The man continued to look at her. 'Why?' There was no curiosity in the question, for she knew that that sort of question had no answer. It was, it had to be, it would always be. That was Little Italy. 'He wasn't one of us,' she pleaded, as if pleading would make the man in the car change his mind, and bring O'Malley back, 'He was from Ireland, he was good – ' She broke off, her voice was beginning to quaver. The man leant forward and tapped the driver on the shoulder, and the window wound up as the car moved forward, dislodging Lola from her perch, a gaudy bird flapping her tired wings...

Pig & Rabbit

Pig and Rabbit made their way across the courtyard, and past the town gate. They could hear the gatekeeper muttering in his chamber beneath the giant hinge of the gate. As they rounded the corner, Rabbit stopped.

"It's dark," he said. The palace was before them, and true enough, it was shrouded in darkness. In all its thousand windows there was not one light to be seen.

"It's dead," said Rabbit. "The palace is dead."

"Not quite," said Pig, gesturing with her head. High up in a tower they could see a small window illuminated by the flame of a candle.

"That's it!" said Rabbit. "That's where it's happening."


Gyöngyi ran, and as she ran into the night, she paid no heed to the remains of the week's dramatic events. Placards and banners leaned against walls splattered with slogans; she had to make skittish little jumps across the Budapest cobbles to avoid the shards of metal left from the shattered statue of Stalin, brought down days before by the excited students. Revolution was in the air, but Gyöngyi had only one thought in her mind – get away, get away, get away!


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