Citizenship: UK/Austria (dual)


Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian


Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society 



2007-8: Oak Three Films, Singapore
Writer/Director Imagineers

(1hr on concept car development for Nat Geo - completes April 2008)


2007: APV Media, Singapore/Hong Kong
Editing director Nissan

(1hr on car industry for Nat Geo - completes end 2007)


2007: Driven Productions, Singapore
Writer/Director Megastructures - Venetian Macau

(1hr on casino for Nat Geo - completes November 2007)


2007: APV Media, Singapore/Hong Kong
Writer/Director Inside the National Palace Museum

(1hr about Taiwan museum for Nat Geo)


2006 - 2007: West Park Pictures, London
Series producer Walking the World

(10 x 1hr for Travel Channel US + 3 x 1hr for Reader’s Digest)

+ director 2 episodes (Salzkammergut - Austria & Great Wall of China)


2006: West Park Pictures, London

Director reconstructions & reversion Gestapo

(3 x 1hr history, History Channel International)


2005: The Right Angle, Singapore

Director Crossings: Tony Tan Caktiong

(1hr biog of the Philippines' king of burgers for long series, Discovery)


2005: APV Media, Singapore

Director Silkair 185

(1hr anatomy of a plane crash, for Nat Geo)


2005: West Park Pictures, London

Producer/Director Zhou Enlai - The Beloved Premier

(½ hr archive biography for China Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

exhibition at County Hall, Westminster)


2005: West Park Pictures, London

Producer/Director Fly Me!

(1hr on history of airline stewardess for Channel Five & Discovery-Times)


2004: Bang Productions, Singapore

Director Chivas (1min commercial for CNN Asia)


2004: Bang Productions, Singapore

Supervising Producer Crossings: How Man Wong

(1hr biog of explorer for long series, Discovery)


2004: Bang Productions, Singapore

Supervising Producer Asian Enigma II

(17min feature on mystical Qigong, for Discovery Asia)


2004: West Park Pictures, London

Development Producer Scenic Walks

(R&D for 3 x 1hr high-end travel series for Reader's Digest)


2004: Gerald Kargl Filmproduktion, Vienna

Concept, story & script Deep Sky (90min cinema feature doc)


2003: Bang Productions, Singapore

Producer/Director Digital Cool

(1hr on digital Korea for Discovery Asia/International)

Highly Commended for Editing, Asian TV Technical & Creative Awards 2004


2003: Alliance Atlantis, London

Executive producer Geo 2004 series (20+ x 1hr Arte/Medienkontor)


2003: Bang Productions, Hong Kong

Producer/Director/Writer Hong Kong's Big Bet

(1hr on racing and gambling for National Geographic Channels International)

Highly Commended for Editing, Asian TV Technical & Creative Awards 2003

Highly Commended for Camera, Australian Cinematographers Society Awards 2003


2003 - : Real Pictures, Sydney & London

Appointed London director of Sydney-based production company

Producer Tampa (drama-doc for ABC Australia, NRK)


 1998 - 2003: Café Productions, London

Producer/director Scenic Cruises (3 x 1hr travel Reader's Digest)

Producer/director/camera Journeys Into Hell (6 x 1hr Discovery/ZDF)

Producer/director Future Tense (14 x 8' Discovery/SBS Australia )

Editorial Producer GEO series (20 x 1hr Arte/SWR/Discovery)

Development of documentaries & series, including:

Shaking the Lemon Tree, Nature Untamed (TLC),

Through Their Eyes (with Point de Mire, Montreal),

Flying into the Future (Discovery/ARD),

Shostakovich - A Very Private Life (with adr Productions, Paris),

Big Bang (science magazine, with Becker Entertainment, Australia),

Liquid History, Cover Up/Dr. Freezelove


2001 - 2002: Discovery Campus

Giving seminars to European documentary-makers

on story development, writing & presentation to international broadcasters


2000: Dox

(proposed UK documentary channel) Planner broadband services


2000 - : As freelance

Little Kahuna (feature screenplay in progress)

Second Chance (drama series concept & pilot)

O'Malley's Night, Gyöngyi, Pig & Rabbit, etc. (short stories/novellas)


Documentary proposals include:

Death of the Banana (1 x 1hr, threatened disappearance of staple)

Looking for Lefties (3 x 1hr, presented by Michael Portillo, with Siguy)

Tibet (1 x 90’, insight into the country, with Jia Teng, Shanghai)

Power Structures (6 x 1hr, architecture & history, for Discovery Asia)

Settlers (1 x 1hr, revisionist colonial history, for Discovery, with Siguy)

Depths of the Mind (4 x 1hr, science of the mind, with Leopard Films)

Flying for the Swastika (1 x 1hr, story of Nazi aviation technology)

O5 (1 x 1hr, story of Austrian resistance in WWII)

Heroes of the Reich (3 x 1hr, complete story of internal resistance)

New Worlds (6 x 30', World Music as it’s never been seen)

Hong Kong Movies (3 x 1hr, story of world’s 3rd biggest movie industry)

Looking for Aliens (1 x 1hr, science of astrobiology, with Kargl Film)

Cosmic Catastrophes (1 x 1hr, dynamic astronomy, with Kargl Film)


Full-length animated feature under development:

L’Enfant et les Sortilèges (with Maurice Sendak)


1998: Discovery Channel, Germany

Story development & pre-production of historical documentary:

AIRLIFT - die Berliner Luftbrücke (with NDF Munich)


1994 - 97: Pilot Productions, London & Budapest

Senior development producer - single documentaries & series

Senior producer/director CENTRAL EXPRESS,

current affairs series from Central & Eastern Europe for RAI2, NHK, FR3:

(Romania: Leper Colony, Oil Diggers;

Ukraine: Odessa Police, Lviv Masochist, Crimean Tartars;

Moldova/Transnistria: Back in the USSR)

Producer MEDIA/Eurimages-funded documentary Bosnia Blues


1998 - 99: African Broadcast Network

Design, presentation and concept for multinational network


1991 - 94: Vienna News International, Vienna

English-language co-ordinator/producer for international TV productions

(Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Scandinavia, Latvia);

News reporting/production for international agencies & stations (Reuters, BBC, CBC, etc);

Reportage/documentary from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Macedonia

Producer/director documentary: Paraguay, A Land Apart (1hr)


1991 - 94: Worldwide Television News (WTN)

Agency reporter/stringer for Austria and region


1991 - : Gerald Kargl Filmproduktion, Vienna

Screenplays for cinema features:

The Big Time (comedy)

Somebody Else (comedy)

Neighbours (short)

Treatments for cinema features:

A Winter's Tale (thriller)

Sonnenwende (German-language drama)

Scripting & AP: Vienna Lights (hotel video) and Astronomy (educational series)


1993 - 94: Sternstunden Filmproduktion, Vienna

Scripts for German TV comedy series: Taxi; Padres of Vienna; Lok

TV/cinema feature script (English/German): Ralph & Inigo


1991 - 93: Selikovsky Film, Vienna

English-language scripting and voice-overs for art TV series


1989 - 91: Papa's Balloon (full-length feature script)


1990: Production Asst Landesstudio NÖ, ORF (Austrian TV)


As director/producer/editor:

1985 The Sea (8mm/colour/silent/10 min)

1986 The Princess and the Thief (16mm/colour/15 min)


As 2nd AD:

1989 Beethoven & Bonaparte (dir. Michael Powell, $18m)

1990 The Castle ($20m)


1985 - 1988: National Film & TV School, England: 16mm & video


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